OTRS #9 – The Origins Of Occupy Wall Street

John's Old Time Radio Show
John’s Old Time Radio Show
Early Occupy Wall Street Music of the 1930’s. John plays records from his 78 rpm record collection that were written about the fall of the American stock market in 1930 which lead to the great depression.

1. All I got’s Gone – Odie McWinters
2. Down On Penny Farm – The Bentley Boys
3. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live – Blind Alfred Reed
4. The Panic Is On – Hezekiah Jenkins
5. Bread Line Blues – Smith & Nawahi
6. The Cotton Mill Colic – Dave McCarn
7. NRA Blues – Bill Cox
8. F.D.R.’s Back Again – Bill Cox
9. In 1992 – Bill Cox
10. Fifty Years From Now – Harry McClintock
11. Interview w/Eden Brower about modern day Occupy Wall St.
12. Everything’s Gonna Be O.K. America – Art Kassell
13. When My Stocks Come Tumbling Down – Fields & Hall
14. Headin’ For Better Times – Ted Lewis
15. Missed Meal Cramp Blues – Alec Johnson
16. See The Black Clouds Breaking Over Yonder – Chubby Parker
17. Dust Can’t Kill Me – Woody Guthrie

1932 unemployment march on Washington

Workers Alliance San Francisco WPA-1931


skid row S.F. 1937


Unemployed workers build the Seattle shantytown Hooverville in October 1931.

unemployed miner 1937

Homeless-man-sitting-in-front-of-Hooverville-shack October 27, 1931


FDR 1931


Demonstration of the Unemployed Kansas1936

Crowd gathering on Wall Street after the 1929 crash

Bill Cox


Dust Bowl

unemployment office 1931

NYSE floor

pea pickers


police guard World Exchange Bank after crash


x-mas tree

bread line

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