John's Old Time Radio Show

Johnathan ward’s ethnic 78 rpm records Pt. 1
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ Jon Ward. “GREAT ETHNIC MUSIC”. Special Guest Jonathan Ward plays 78 rpm records from around the world from his legendary collection on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show.

1. MONGOLIA – Dolgorjav, Tszrgiin duu bujgin ansambli Udirdagch Tszrzndorj – Dörvön Tsag

Mongolian singer – horsehead fiddle of Mongolia, known as the morin khuur – played upright. Mongolian People’s Republic label – BNMAU, or Bügd Nairamdakh Mongol Ard Uls. Russia? If so, not Melodiya pressed.

2. KAZAKHSTAN – Temirbek Akhmetov – Sharniaz 

Dombra solo – recorded 1948, Tashkentski Zavod. Discuss Soviet system. Dombra – 2 strings, sinew.

3. BRAZIL – Quarteto Brasil – Reboliço

Obscure Luperce! 1945, Continental. With Jose Meneses and Tute. Choro – discuss. Title means “round” basically – (HEY-bo-lee-su)…although it also mean rustling…

4. BRAZIL – Os Desafiadores do Norte – Chorando no Pinho

João Miranda’s group – late 1929. “Crying in the Pines.” Joao…brother of Luperce. Had own group, disappeared on record 1931.

5. JAPAN – Kunaisho Gakubu Gagakubu (Imperial Household Orchestra) – Etenraku, Pt 2

Japanese court music, recorded ca. 1946 (I think). Gaguku music. Over 1200 years old – strings, wind instruments, percussion – can hear the sho, mouth organ – large free reed ( like khaen ). Well known piece – sometimes performed at weddings today.

6. OKINAWA – Itokazu Kame & Hunakoshi Kiyo – Tanchia-me Bushi; Katsurin Bushi

Okinawa – different country. Many hundreds of islands – b/t Japan and Taiwan. Became part of Japan in late 1800s before that Ryukyu kingdom. Different dialect. Marutaka lbl, private client label of Japan Victor (JVC at the time). 1957. (Mark Jihoon Sook) Two tunes – Tanchia-me Bushi is about the tradition of harvesting the Sururu fish on the beach at Onna, a town in Okinawa. Katsurin Bushi is a song about how fisherman long for the beautiful women who live on Katsurin island.

7. GUADELOUPE – Les Freres Martial – Krakador, Son Ti Coin Capesterra La…

Biguine – piano duo, recorded February 1933 in Paris. Claude Martial and Bruno Sylva Martial, brothers from Guadeloupe.

8. VENEZUELA – Cuarteto Caraquita – Miraflores

Belasco tune – Turpial records (oriole) – history, group: Alberto Munoz Burguillos (clarinet), cuatro, piano and bass. Belasco recorded track for Victor in 1933 but never released.

9. INDIA – T. Chowdiah – Thanam, Pt 1

Violin solo, recorded ca. 1933 or so, Columbia. Carnatic tradition, “thanam” type of improvisation on a raga. Chowdiah in late 20s added 3 string to violin, boost volume. South Indian records.

10. INDIA – G. J. Gabriel – Rag Dayanjee

North Indian sitar improvisation – early 1945. No idea…

11. KENYA – Siti Masika and Party with Suleman Orchestra – Chubwi Ndani

Classic late taarab music from Mombasa – oud, Gulf Music, khaleeji style. Mzuri label – MJ Shah, anomalous taarab.

12. MOZAMBIQUE – Jose Matirandze and Josefa – Chinguavilane

Mid 1950s music from Mozambique in the Tsonga language (then Shangaan). Hard edged repetitive guitar – became a modern music “marrabenta.”

13. PERU – Estudiantina Duncker – Recuerdo Moheño

Recorded in 1928 in Arequipa, Peru by Victor – classic Andean music. Group from Puno, right on Lake Titicaca near the Bolivian border. Associated with local Andean culture, yet slightly highbrow for the time. Dance music with costumes. Founded by Alberto Rivarola Miranda.


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