John’s Old Time Radio Show ROBERT ARMSTRONG & MARK POLLOCK – “GREAT NOVELTY RECORDS”. Fantastic early 78 rpm NOVELTY records from the collection of Hawaiian steel great & Cheap Suit Serenader co-founder Robert Armstrong & Fellow record collector Mark Pollock. Thanks to Mark for helping record this show remotely.

  1. Thanks For The Lobster – Fred Van Eps Banjo
  2. Mama Ines – Havana Novelty Orchestra
  3. Hunting Tigers Out in “Indiah” – Leslie Sarony
  4. Etiquette Blues – Harry Reser’s Six Jumping Jacks
  5. Rhapsody In Blues – Borrah Minevitch
  6. I Can’t Sleep In The Movies Anymore – Broadway Merry Makers (Fred Hall & His Sugar Babies)
  7. D D Hoedown – Shell Chemical Corporation
  8. Little Dog Yodel – Ralph Richardson
  9. The Swiss Boy – Smiley Burnette
  10. Singin’ In The Bath Tub – Macy & Smalle
  11. Dinah – Billy Costello
  12. Rubenola – Rudy Wiedoeft
  13. Castration of the Strawberry Roan – The Sons Of The Pioneers
  14. Tom and Jerry in Honolulu – Tom & Jerry
  15. If I Know’d Youse A’ Comin’ I’d Cut My Throat – Cactus Pryor & His Pricklypears
  16. Ape Call – Nervous Norvus (Jimmy Drake)
Mark Pollack & Robert Armstrong
Robert Armstrong & Mark Pollock
Robert Armstrong
Harry Reser
Fred Hall
Fred Van Eps
Billy Costello
Robert Armstrong & Mark Pollock

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