John’s Old Time Radio Show ROBERT ARMSTRONG & MARK POLLOCK – “WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE BANJO?”. Fantastic early 78 rpm BANJO records from the collection of Hawaiian steel great & Cheap Suit Serenader co-founder Robert Armstrong, fellow record collector Mark Pollock and yours truly. Thanks to Mark for helping record this show remotely.

  1. West Lawn Polka – Fred J. Bacon
  2. Keep Off The Grass – Vess L. Ossman
  3. Down In Tennessee Blues – Homer Davenport
  4. Darlin’ Cora – B. F. Shelton
  5. Meddlin’ With The Blues – Herbert Leonard & Larry Mays
  6. Minglewood Blues – Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers
  7. Wait Til The Clouds To Roll By – Uncle Dave Macon
  8. If I Can’t Have You – Sleepy Hall’s Melody Boys
  9. Foolin’ Around (Tiger Rag) – Roy Smeck & Art Khan
  10. So Is Your Old Lady – Arthur Fields & Banjo (prob) John Cali
  11. Calling – Harry Reser
  12. Mia Adonata – Frank Fazio
  13. Uyu Mzathu – Monyoso & Kachre
  14. Down South – Harry Reser’s Banjo Boys
Robert Armstrong & Mark Pollock
Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers
Vess Ossman
Uncle Dave Macon


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