OTRS 122 R. CRUMB’S RECORD ROOM PART 53 “Old-Time Country Classics”

OTRS 122

John’s Old Time Radio Show R. CRUMB’S RECORD ROOM PT. 53 “Old-Time Country Classics”. John Heneghan, Robert Crumb & Eden Brower play fabulous 78 rpm records from Crumb’s record collection in France.

  1. Over At Tom’s House/ The Fiddler’s Contest – Clarence Tom Ashley
  2. Mississippi Shadows – McLaughlin’s Old Time Melody Makers
  3. Franklin County Blues – Dixie Ramblers
  4. Don’t Let The Blues Get You Down – Buck Mountain Band
  5. Aggravating Mother-In-Law – Walter “Kid” Smith
  6. Wild Horse – North Carolina Ramblers
  7. Way Up On Clinch Mountain – J. W. Day (Jilson Setters)
  8. A Pretty Gal’s Love – Whitter-Hendley-Small
  9. Old Joe – Sid Harkreader & Grady Moore
Eden Brower & R. Crumb
Sid Harkreader
Walter Smith (r)
Jilson Setters (J. W. Day)
Jilson Setters (J. W. Day)
Henry Whitter
Dixie Ramblers
Clarence Ashley (r)
R. Crumb

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