OTRS 141 R. CRUMB’S RECORD ROOM (part 59) “MUSIC OF ETHIOPIA & SOMALIA” special guest’s Robert Crumb & his glorious 78rpm records and that lovable scamp Eden Brower.

John’s Old Time Radio Show R. CRUMB’S RECORD ROOM PT. 59 “Music of Ethiopia & Somalia”. John Heneghan, Robert Crumb & Eden Brower play R. Crumb’s fabulous 78 rpm records from Crumb’s record collection in France.

  1. Patriotic Association Orchestra
  2. Invocaxione a Dio di un cieco Amhara
  3. Demisee Desta with Harp
  4. Farede Galla
  5. Balaynesh Woubantie
  6. Talahoun
  7. Godudo Mohamed
  8. Ahmed Aoma with Choir
  9. illegible
John Heneghan & R. Crumb
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R. Crumb & Eden Brower

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