OTRS 144 R. CRUMB’S RECORD ROOM part 62 “Not So Nice Party Records”

John’s Old Time Radio Show R. CRUMB’S RECORD ROOM PT. 62 “Not So Nice Party Records”. John Heneghan, Robert Crumb & Eden Brower play fabulous 78 rpm records from Crumb’s record collection in France.

  1. Rangdangdoo – (likely) McFarlane & Gardner
  2. Tillie The Tooter – Unknown female singer w/ guitar & piano
  3. Her Man Of War – Unkown Singer w/ Piano
  4. Hot Nuts & My Blue Ointment – Fred Shaw
  5. Thing-A-Ma-Jig – Billy Cullen
  6. Feel Good – Hartman’s Heartbreakers w/ vocal by Betty Lou
  7. Shave Em Dry – Lucille Bogan
  8. My Girl’s Pussy – Harry Roy & His Bat Club Boys
  9. What An Insect – Cliff Edwards
  10. Give It To Marry With Love – Cliff Edwards
  11. I’m A Bear In A Ladies Boudoir – Cliff Edwards
  12. When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go – Ben Light & His Surf Club Boys
Crumb holds up a copy of “My Girl’s Pussy” by Cheap Suit Serenaders sent to him by an upset “Fan”.
Sent to Crumb by a “Fan”
Lucille Bogan
Harry Roy

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