OTRS 146 THE INFLUENCE OF BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON “Exploring the Texas guitar legend and hearing some rare 78 rpm records recorded by some of those that were influenced by his music”.

John’s Old Time Radio Show THE INFLUENCE OF BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON. John Heneghan plays fabulous 78 rpm records from his record collection of various guitarists from the 1920’s & 30’s who were listening to the Texas Blues master.

  1. Match Box Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson (from Okeh)
  2. Match Box Blues – Larry Hensley
  3. Johnson City Blues – Clarence Greene
  4. Chattanooga Blues – Lester McFarland
  5. The Miner’s Blues – Frank Hutchinson
  6. Match Box Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson (from Paramount)
  7. The Match Box Blues – Roy Shaffer
  8. Soap Box Blues – Deb “Slim Jim” Mays
  9. Corrina Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson
  10. One Morning Blues – Texas Alexander
  11. Texas Blues – Willie Reed
  12. Rabbit Foot Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson
  13. Rabbit Blues – Deb “Slim Jim” Mays
  14. Easy Rider Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson
  15. Easy Rider Blues – Texas Alexander
  16. Black Snake Moan – Blind Lemon Jefferson (from Okeh)
  17. Bite Back Blues – Kid Prince Moore
  18. My Good Gal Has Thrown Me Down – Homer Callahan
  19. Texas Blues – Lester Pete Bivins
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Lester McFarland (left) & Robert Gardner.
Frank Hutchinson
Homer Callahan
Texas Alexander
Roy Shaffer

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