OTRS #13 – Robert Crumb’s Record Room Part 4 – Banjo Records

John's Old Time Radio Show
R. Crumb’s Record Room Pt. 4
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ R. Crumb “Banjo Records” from the 1920’s & 30’s. Special Guest Robert Crumb plays 78 rpm records from his fabulous record collection from the South of France on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show with Eden Brower. 

R. Crumb’s Record Room Pt. 4

1. The Hootenanny Song – Miller’s Bullfrog Entertainers
2. Steppin’ Around – Jan Garber featuring Harry Reser
3. Take Your Pick – Pete Mandell with the Savoy Havana Band
4. The Coloured Major – Olly Oakley
5. Darktown Dandies – Grimshaw’s Banjo Quartet
6. Can You Blame The Colored Man – Banjo Joe (Gus Cannon)
7. Moyo Wanga – Thayelo Kapiye Nyanja Trio
8. I Ain’t A Bit Drunk – George “Shortbuckle” Roark
9. Country Blues – Dock Boggs
10. Banjo Rock & Roll – Boy Bennett And His Band
11. Twisted – Annie Ross
12. The Letter – The Medallions
13. Oh! Oh! Get Out Of The Car – Richard Berry

This is the banjo player from the 1940 film “And So They Live” that Crumb talks about.

1 thought on “OTRS #13 – Robert Crumb’s Record Room Part 4 – Banjo Records

  1. another great show…one small question…I’ve been covering “ain’t a bit drunk” for a few years but I’ve never worked out the lyrics to that verse …something something whiskey, something gets you down, I got mine from a yella girl…etc…any idea what the actual lyrics are?

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