OTRS #16 – Dom Flemons Part 2 – Great American Songsters

John's Old Time Radio Show
John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show

Dom Flemons Part 2
Great American Songsters, 78 rpm records from John’s collection.

1. Dry Land Blues – Furry Lewis
2. Nobody’s Business – Frank Stokes
3. Beans – “Beans” Hambone & El Morrow
4. Beans Beans Beans – Opel Cooper
5. Sweet Nora Shanon – W. L. “Rustic” Waters
6. I Surely Am Living A Ragtime Life – Lindsay & Alvin Conder
7. Mississippi Sawyer – Ernest Thompson
8. Davey Crockett – Chubby Parker
9. Pickaninny Lullaby Song – Uncle Dave Macon
10. The Girl Who Lived On Polecat Creek – Willard Hodgins
11. But They Got It Fixed Right On – Georgia Tom Dorsey
12. James Alley Blues – Richard Rabbit Brown
13. Bright Eyes – Papa Charlie Jackson
14. Do It Right – Pigmeat Pete & Catjuice Charlie

Dom Flemons

Dom Flemons

Frank Stokes

Furry Lewis

Furry Lewis circa 1960

“bean beans beans” sheet music

richard rabbit brown james alley blues

fruit jar drinkers

drawing by R. Crumb

Uncle Dave Macon

papa charlie jackson

uncle dave macon and his fruit jar drinkers

papa charlie jackson

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