OTRS #23 – Great Old Records

John's Old Time Radio Show

John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show

Great Old Records from John’s 78 rpm record collection.

1. Here Comes The Hot Tamale Man! – Doc Cook & His Dreamland Orchestra

2. Midnight Serenade – Spangler & Pearson

3. Todos Ellos – El Ciego Melquiades

4. Green Grass – Stovepipe Johnson

5. illegible – Miss Feroze Jan

6. Hot Coffee – Jack Glassner And His Orchestra

7. Hard-Headed Blues – Clifford Gibson

8. Playing With The Strings – Lonnie Johnson

9. Circus Day Rag – Rice/Davis/Thomas

10. Sugar Cane Rag – Plada’s Serenaders

11.Maladie D’Amour – Orch De La Boule-Blanche

12. Keep It Clean – Rufus & Ben Quillian

13. Home In The Rock – Marshall Smith

14. He’s The Best Friend I Can Find – Rev Edward & Olive Boone

15. Doodle It Back – Lovin’ Sam Theard

16. Rattler Tree’d A Possum – Reaves White County Ramblers

17. We Are Both Feeling Good Right Now – Mississippi Sheiks

John Heneghan

Bo Carter

Babe Spangler

Doc Cook And His Dreamland Orchestra

Rufus Quillan

Ben Quillan

Lovin’ Sam Theard

Tampa Red

Lonnie Johnson

Mississippi Sheiks

John Heneghan 78 rpm record collector

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