OTRS #32 – Robert Crumb’s Record Room Part 14 “French Auvergne region”

John's Old Time Radio Show
R. Crumb’s Record Room Pt. 14
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ R. Crumb “Music of The French Auvergne region” of the 1920’s & 30’s. Special Guest Robert Crumb plays 78 rpm records from his fabulous record collection & the “Gewgous” Eden Brower explains the female mind from the South of France on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show.

1. L’aio De Rotso – Martin Cayla & Paul DeMay

2. Polka Finale – Orchestra De Momeoissl

3. Souvenir De Musette – Galvaing & Faucon

4. Au Fond Du Pre – Martin Cayla

5. La Rosalie De Bon Matin – Constantin & Chalies

6. Crumb & John talk about Eden

7. La Planette – Marcel Plane

Eden Brower & Robert Crumb

Martin Cayla

Albert Faucon & Henri Delfau

Le Soleil Orchestra

Cayla family outside Le Soleil Store Paris

Marcel Plane & Albert Faucon

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