John's Old Time Radio Show
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ Pat Conte and longtime pal Ken Romanowski. 45 rpm Records continued. Special Guest Pat Conte plays 45 rpm records from his legendary Secret Museum record collection & our friend Ken Romanowski joins in for the fun on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show.

1. Improvisation In 7/4 – Moondog

2. Peyote Ceremony Song – Joe Rush And Singers With Drum

3. Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt – Otis Jackson

4. Down On My Knees – Dr D.C. Johnson And The Old Time Prayer Meeting

5. See Jesus – James Lide

6. Where Is The Lion In The Tribe Of Judah – Reverend Kelsey

7. Cocksuckers Ball – The Clovers

8. Shave Em Dry – Lucille Bogan

9. Is She Is, Or Is She Ain’t – The Chamer With Johnny McCleverty Calypso Boys

10. Chinese Melody/ American Melody – Excerpts From Folk Music Lecture

11. ’31 Depression Blues – Ed Sturgill

12. Mainer’s Jews Harp – J. E. Mainer

13. Floricica – Folklore Of Dances Of Romania

14. Catfish Blues – Larry Johnson

15. Highway 41 -Cousin Leroy

16. Down The Big Road – Roosevelt  Holts With Boogie Bill

17. Goin’ South – John Lee Hooker

18. Natal Try Singers

19. I’m Coming Home – The Staple Singers

20. Parchman Farm Prisoners – Alan Lomax Penitentiary Recordings

Moondog in NYC


Pat Conte (right) & Bob Guida The Otis Brothers NYC

J. E. Mainer

Lucille Bogan

John Lee Hooker

L to R Ian McCamy, John Heneghan, Eden Brower, Pat Conte

Cane Break Rattlers (Conte left)

Larry Johnson

Ed Sturgill (far left)

Parchman Farm Convict Laborers

Roosevelt Holts

Reverend Kelsey

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