John's Old Time Radio Show
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ Don Hill. Special Guest Don Hill plays field recordings he recorded in Memphis, Nashville & Chicago in the 1960’s on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show. With Tony Beyers.

Click Here to go to Don Hill’s collection at U. C. Santa Barbara Library

1. Charmin’ Betsy (Goin’ Round The Mountain) – Gus Cannon & Will Shade

2. You Send Me John (N.1) – Will Shade

3. I’m Sitting Beside The Water – Laura Dukes

4. Sun Brimmer’s Blues (Big Chief Blues) – Will Shade & Laura Dukes

5. I’m Crazy About You Baby – Blind James Campbell String Band

6. Beauford’s Boogie Woogie – Blind James Campbell String Band

7. 44 Blues – King David

8. South On The Boarder – Daddy Stovepipe

9. Shake Em On Down – Wade Walton

Don Hill & the Wade Walton record he recorded for Bluesville

Jimmy Davis & King David (right) playing on Maxwell Street Chicago

Wade Walton outside his barber shop

Blind James Campbell’s String Band

Daddy Stovepipe playing on Maxwell Street Chicago

Gus Cannon

Gus Cannon

Music Scholar Don Hill

Tony Beyers

young Laura Dukes

Laura Dukes

Will Shade of Memphis Jug Band & Gus Cannon of Cannon’s Jug Stompers

Wade Walton

Will Shade

Will Shade

Will Shade

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