OTRS #3A – Pat Conte’s Records Pt.1

John's Old Time Radio Show
John’s Old Time Radio Show

Pat Conte’s plays Great old records from his extensive 78 rpm record collection. Music from all over the world.

1. Lowlands- Highland Laddy – John Goss’s Cathedral Quartet
2. Boston Burgler – Riley Puckett
3. Goodbye Old Paint – Harry “Mac” McClintock
4. Bella Contadinell – Giovanni Gioviale
5. Illegible – Miyagi Michio
6. Siyokulandela – Alfred Radebe
7. La Tana – Cuadro Gitano
8. Neva Rast Cazel – unknown Tahitain string band
9. Hamba Sutubaker – Dundee Wandering Singers

Miyagi Michio

Riley Puckett

Harry McClintock

Giovanni Gioviale

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