OTRS #3B Pt.2 – Pat Conte’s records

John's Old Time Radio Show
John’s Old Time Radio Show

Pat Conte’s plays Great old records from his extensive 78 rpm record collection. Music from all over the world.

1. Illegible – Janaki Bia (India)

2. Madame Atchen – Amede Ardoin
3. My Old Crippled Daddy – Tex Morton
4. Papio – Unknown Tahitian Band
5. Spanish Blues – Lewis Black
6. Rock & Gravel – Skillet Dick & His Frying Pans
7. Illegible – Sexteto National
8. The Automobile Trip Through Alamaba – Red Henderson
9. Goin’ To Ashhville – The Legendary Otis Brothers
10. The Great Divide – The Carter Family


Carter Family

unknown Sexteto

Tex Morton

Amede Ardoin

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