OTRS 49 – Don Kent Part 8 “Lucille Bogan”

John's Old Time Radio Show
Don Kent Pt. 8
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ former Yazoo Records Producer & Mamlish, Flying Crow and Country Fish Records Owner Don Kent. “Lucille Bogan”. Special Guest Don Kent plays 78 rpm records from his legendary record collection featuring the top recordings of one of the great and often overlooked Blues Singer on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show.

1. Lonesome Daddy Blues – Lucille Bogan

2. Sweet Patunia – L. Bogan

3. Pot Hound Blues – Bogan

4. They Ain’t Waking No More – Bogan

5. I Hate That Train Called The M And O – Bogan

6. Shave ‘Em Dry (issued) – Bogan

7. Shave ‘Em Dry (unissued) – Bogan

8. Pay Roll Blues – Bogan

9. Lost Man Blues – Bogan

10. Tired As I Can Be – Bogan

Lucille Bogan

unknown, Don-Kent (center) & Jake “The Snake” Schneider circa 1960

Walter Roland

Cow Cow Davenport

Sherwin Dunner & Don Kent