OTRS 55 – Tribute to Don Kent, who filled our lives with music and knowledge.

John's Old Time Radio Show
Don Kent

John’s Old Time Radio Show tribute to Don Kent compiled by Don’s long time friend Pat Conte. This show was put together in memory of our friend and music historian Don Kent. It features excerpts of interviews with Don from this podcast as well as Don’s personal field recordings.

                         “For with much wisdom comes much sorrow”

                                                  Thank You Don!

Don Kent













1. Don on writing and “The Blues”

2. John Henry – Frank Napper

3. If I was a bluebird, Don on Lane Hardin, “Cairo” & Clifford Gibson

4. Jesus Loves/ Amazing Grace – Raymond & Belle Agnor and Granddaughter

5. Virgina ’76 – Don

6. Reno Factory – Foddrell Brothers & Lynn

7. Are You Washed In The Blood? – Raymond & Belle Agnor

8. Don on the “original stuff”

9. Telephone – Foddrell Brothers & Lynn

10. New River Train – Raymond Agnor (guitar) & Pat Conte (mandolin)

11. Highway Blues – Frank Napper

12. 1950 – Don/ Huff Brothers

13. Fox Chase – Frank Napper

14. I Will Not Be Denied – Raymond & Belle Agnor

15. Feel Like Traveling On – Raymond & Belle Agnor w/ Pat Conte (mandolin)

16. guitar playing – Don

17. Rectortown Blues – Don Kent & Pat Conte (guitars)

18. Precious Redeemer – Raymond & Belle Agnor

19. Reminisces At Lynchburg – Ed “Bear Man” Napper


Don (center) circa 1960 in Chicago with unknown & Jake “The Snake” Schneider


Pat Conte


Don Kent & John Heneghan

Don’s label, Pat’s band

The Legendary Otis Brothers/ Louie Kromm, Pat Conte, Bob Guida

Don Kent

Don’s label, Pat’s band

Don’s Mamlish label




































Don’s Country Turtle Label


Insane 78 rpm record collectors!!!!
Pat Conte (2nd from left top row) Don Kent (3rd from right top row)


















“So Long Chumps” our buddy Don Kent!