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Johnathan ward’s ethnic 78 rpm records Pt. 2
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ Jon Ward. “GREAT ETHNIC MUSIC”. Special Guest Jonathan Ward plays 78 rpm records from around the world from his legendary collection on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show

1. ITALY, GENOA – Squadra di Canto Popolare “Isola del Cantone” – U Ruscigno

Milan, 1936. “trallalero” music – longshoremen Genoa – guitarra, “the woman” – Lomax recordings. – The Nightingale –

2. ROMANIA – Orchestra Monea Gheorghe cu Luta Iovita – Invartita cu Strigari

Romanian recording from the early 30s – an invartita dance song, with the tarogato. (Invartita with Shouts) – reissued on Spottswood’s Blowers from the Balkans.

3, SPAIN, ASTURIAS – José Gonzalez, “El Presi” – Carneru Mochu

Northern Spain music from province of Asturias, mid 1930s. Cancion Asturiana, or asturianada. Vocal tradition.

4. UKRAINE – Oleksa Sukhodolyak – Gutsul Kolomyika

Solo on the Ukrainian duda – Soviet – Hutsul (Carpathian mountains of Ukraine). 1940.

5. PORTUGAL – Armandinho – O Alentejan

Guitarra portuguesa – 12 strings – Armando Freire (1891-1946). 1946. Acc by Santos Moreira.

6. ITALY – Trio Sirena – Cleofe

1914 recordings from Milan – identities unknown….only a few instrumentalists compared to US.

7. GREECE – Yangos Psamatianos – Hiotiko Manes (If I were the Hem of your Skirt)

Late 20s, Greek accordion classic from 1929. Manes (passionate lament). Dave Murray mention. Accordion in Greek traditional music.

8. SWEDEN – Dala Trion – Skullbraddlek, Bröllopsmarsch

March 1909 in Stockholm – “old Swedish violins” – HMV/Victor. Swedish country music – 2 records. Wedding march.

9. NORWAY – Halvor Brathen – Fjellrosa

“Mountain Rose” hardanger fiddle. Recorded April 1928 in Copenhagen – made 12 sides. “Gangar”

10. VIETNAM – Manh Thang – Doc Tau Dan Bau 1, Dieu Hanh Van

Manh Dang, 1924-2006, solist on the dan bau – 1 stringed zither of Vietnam. “Floating Clouds” – recording probably made in 1957 in Moscow at a student music festival.

11. DUTCH EAST INDIES (Excavated Shellac Blog) – Rapioen – Tandjoeng Sani

From ES – Minangkabau people of the highlands of Sumatra, in Indonesia. Rebab (fiddle), flute (saluang) – Rapiun, Tanjung Sani. Musicians from Bukittinggi. 1939 for local Tjab Angsa label, pressed in China.

12. CHINA – Cantonese musicians – Song for the Birth of a Son

A challenge (talk)! On Beka, ca. 1926 or so. Celebratory music from southeastern China – featuring a very loud suona (double reed) – clearly an outdoor instrument. These reed instruments are ancient – no one can agree on the suona’s origins.

13. HAWAII – Philip “Gaby” Pahinui – Hula Medley

Very first solo slack key guitar piece every recorded, from Hawaii. Pahinui’s 2nd record, I believe, from 1947 on Bell Records. Oddly tough to find. B-sides.