John’s Old Time Radio Show – “VOCAL POTPOURRI SHOW” w/ ROBERT ARMSTRONG & MARK POLLOCK. Listen to great old 78 records featuring top vocal performances from the collections of Hawaiian steel great & Cheap Suit Serenaders co-founder Robert Armstrong, fellow record collector Mark Pollock and yours truly. Thanks to Mark for helping record this show remotely.

  1. OH MONAH! – Maple City Four
  2. THE BOOK ON ETIQUETTE – Mona Motor Oil Twins
  3. CUBA – Alabama Sacred Harp Singers
  4. WHAT’S THE MATTER NOW – Norfolk Jazz Jubilee Quartet
  5. CLANKA A LANKA – Famous Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham
  6. TURN AWAY Lubbock Texas Quartet
  7. LOOKIN’ GOOD BUT FEELIN’ BAD – Fats Waller and His Buddies
  8. DOG-GONE! – The Nifty Three
  9. THE STATION WILL BE CHANGED – Jubilee Gospel Team
  10. LILIUE – Kalama’s Quartette
  11. NEW ORLEANS STOP TIME Bumble Bee Slim & Memphis Minnie
  12. BRING IT ON HOME TO GRANDMA – Mississippi Mud Mashers
  13. SAM THE OLD ACCORDION MAN – Williams Sisters
  14. READY FOR THE RIVER – The Rounders
  15. WHEN SUMMER IS GONE – Kalama’s Quartette
Robert Armstrong & Mark Pollock
Kalama Quartet
Kalama Quartet
Kalama's Quartet
Kalama’s Quartet
Memphis Minnie & Joe McCoy
Bumble Bee Slim by R. Crumb
Robert Armstrong & Mark Pollock
The Maple City Four
Norfolk Jazz Quartette

Robert Armstrong