OTRS 135 “Great Grey Gulls” Wacky Grey Gull bands and their subsidiary labels.


John’s Old Time Radio Show – “Great Grey Gulls” w/ ROBERT ARMSTRONG & MARK POLLOCK – “SQUEEZEBOX HEROES OF DAYS GONE BY”. Listen to great old 78 records featuring top Grey Gull house bands and more from the collections of Hawaiian steel great & Cheap Suit Serenaders co-founder Robert Armstrong, fellow record collector Mark Pollock and yours truly. Thanks to Mark for helping record this show remotely

  1. Just You Honey – Louisville Master Players (Mike Mosiello)
  2. Lone Western Blues – Unknown Grey Gull House Band
  3. The Terror – Cliff Jackson & his Krazy Kats
  4. There’s A Czecho Slovak Waiting For Me – Arthur Fields & Fred Hall
  5. Dixie Favorites – John Cali
  6. Arkansas Hoedown – Home Folk Fiddlers
  7. Just Blues – Memphis Jazzers (Mike Mosiello)
  8. Cryin’ For The Carolines – Atlanta Syncopators (Mike Mosiello/ Andy Sanella)
  9. “Taint No Sin – Kansas City Blue Boys (Fred Hall)
  10. Moana March – Kalua Players (Andy Sanella)
  11. Blue Waters – University Syncopators (Mike Mosiello/ Andy Sanella)
  12. Mindanao March – Honolulu Players (Benny Nawahi/ Harry Volpe/ James Ferraro)
  13. Scotchie – Casino Jazzers
  14. ‘Leven Cent Cotton And Forty Cent Meat – Bill Barnes & Joey Lane (Bob Miller)
  15. Ja Da Blues – Joy Dispensers (Mike Mosiello)
Robert Armstrong & Mark Pollock
Cliff Jackson & his Krazy Kats
Cliff Jackson & his Krazy Kats
Mike Mosiello
andy sanella
andy sanella
john cali
John Cali
Robert Armstrong
Robert Armstrong interviews King Bennie Nawahi 1980
Benny Nawahi