OTRS 47 – Don Kent Part 7 “The Legendary Hattie Hart”

John's Old Time Radio Show
Don Kent Pt. 7
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ former Yazoo Records Producer & Mamlish, Flying Crow and Country Fish Records Owner Don Kent. “Memphis’ Greatest female singer Hattie Hart”. Special Guest Don Kent plays 78 rpm records from his legendary record collection featuring the top recordings of one of the greatest blues singers that ever lived on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show.

1. Electrocuted Blues – Rosie Mae Moore

2. Mad Dog Blues – Rosie Mae Moore

3. Cocaine Habit – Memphis Jug Band featuring Hattie Hart

4. Papa’s Got Your Bath Water On – Memphis Jug Band featuring Hattie Hart

5. Won’t You Be Kind – Hattie Hart

6. You Wouldn’t Would You Papa – Hattie Hart

7. I’m Missing That Thing – Hattie Hart

8. I Let’s My Daddy Do That – Hattie Hart

9. Down Home Shake – Hattie Hart (Bolton)

10. Oh Ambulance Man – Memphis Jug Band featuring Hattie Hart

11. Happy Go Lucky Blues – Hattie Hart

12. Coldest Stuff In Town – Hattie Hart

13. Memphis Yo Yo – Memphis Jug Band featuring Hattie Hart

14. Aberdeen Mississippi Blues – Bukka White

15. Illinois Blues – Skip James

Don Kent

Charlie McCoy

Will Shade & unknown

Will Shade of Memphis Jug Band

Bukka White