OTRS 39 – R. Crumb’s Record Room Part 16 “Novelty Music”

John's Old Time Radio Show
R. Crumb’s Record Room Pt. 16
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ Robert Crumb & Eden Brower. “Novelty Music of the 1920’s & 30’s”. Special Guest Robert Crumb plays 78 rpm records from his fabulous record collection & the “Gewgous” Eden Brower explains the female mind from the South of France on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show.

1. Brown Jug Blues – Ezra Buzzington’s Rustic Revelers

2. Shake Your Dogs – Hoosier Hot Shots

3. Argentine Rag – Jimmy Wilson’s Catfish String Band

4. Duck Foot Sue – Bob Miller

5. The Tiger Rag – The Windy City Four

6. Richmond Stomp – The State Street Ramblers

7. West Kentucky Limited – E. E. Hack String Band

8. Hot Potatoes – Blind Blake

9. Ballin’ The Jack – The Salty Dog Four

10. Dinah – The Red Devils

11. Shore Leave – Three Old Salts

12. Shortnin’ Bread – Bobby Leecan’s Need More Band

13. Foldin’ Bed – Whistler & His Jug Band

14. Hot Honey – Mound City Blue Blowers

15. Lindberg Hop – Memphis Jug Band

Eden Brower & R. Crumb

Jimmy Wilson’s Catfish String Band

Benny Nawahi

Ezra Buzzington’s Rustic Revelers

jimmy wilson catfish string band