John’s Old Time Radio Show ROBERT ARMSTRONG – “GREAT EARLY HAWAIIAN RECORDS”. Fantastic early 20th Century Hawaiian 78 rpm records from the collection of Hawaiian steel great & Cheap Suit Serenader co-founder Robert Armstrong. Fellow record collector Mark Pollock is also present at the Armstrong interview and many thanks to him for helping record Armstrong remotely in this new age of Covid.

  1. Tu-Tu-E, Tu-Tu-Hoi – Kalama’s Quartet featuring Mike Hanapi & Bob Matsu
  2. Ama Ama – Sam Alama
  3. Mona Chimes – Frank Ferera
  4. Hilo March (Mindanao March) – Bennie Nawahi (although Bennie didn’t think this was him in a 1980 interview)
  5. Paahana Hula – Madame Riviere’s Hawaiians
  6. The Rose Of Heaven – Walter Kolomoku’s Honoluluans
  7. I Nikiniki Malie – Kalama’s Quartette featuring Mike Hanapi
  8. Tomi Tomi – Sol K. Bright
  9. The Hula Blues – Jim and Bob (The Genial Hawaiians)
  10. Hula Girl – Sol Hoopii and his Novelty Quartette
  11. Hula Girl – Andrew Aiona’s Novelty Four
  12. La Rosita – Sol K. Bright
  13. Minnehaha – Andy Iona and his Islanders Sam Koki & Dan Stewart
  14. Faa Navenave – Augie Goupil and his Royal Tahitians
  15. Let’s Go To Honolulu – Kostas Bezo’s White Birds
  16. Oua Oua – Kanui & Lula
  17. Moana Chimes – Sam Ku West and his Royal Hawaiians
Robert Armstrong
Robert Armstrong & Mark Pollock
Cheap Suit Serenaders
Robert Armstrong & Mark Pollock
Good Tone Banjo Boys – Crumb, Armstrong &
painting by Robert Armstrong
ukulele painted by R. Armstrong
Sam Alama
Sol K Bright
Yazoo cover by Armstrong
Grass Skirt record cover by Armstrong
Kalama's Quartet
Kalama’s Quartet
David Burrows (left), Mike Hanapi (right)
Sol Hoopii
Sol Hoopii
kostas-bezos-and-the-white-birds-kostas-bezos-and-the-white-birds-3-ab 2
Kanui & Lula
Sam Ku West
Sam Ku West