John’s Old Time Radio Show ROBERT ARMSTRONG & MARK POLLOCK – “TRANSPORTATION SONGS!”. Remember the days when people looked forward to travel in America before our infrastructure was crumbling and billionaires were robbing our tax dollars to fly penis rockets around the moon? Me neither. Listen to great old 78 records about transportation from the collections of Hawaiian steel great & Cheap Suit Serenader co-founder Robert Armstrong, fellow record collector Mark Pollock and yours truly. Thanks to Mark for helping record this show remotely.

  1. Railroad Blues – Sam McGee
  2. Transportation Blues Part 1 – Charlie Troutt’s Melody Artists
  3. Transfusion – Scatman Crothers
  4. C. C. & O. Blues – Pink Anderson and Simmie Dooley
  5. Transportation Blues Part 2 – Charlie Troutt’s Melody Artists
  6. Jackass Caravan – Cactus Pryor & his Pricklypears
  7. Gone Dead Train – King Solomon Hill
  8. V-8 Ford – Willie Love
  9. Hard To Race – Dave Stogner with his Hayride Gang
  10. Ford V-8 – The Cedar Creek Sheik
  11. Buick 59 – The Madallions
  12. Waiting For The Robert E. Lee – Estelita , Buddy Bregman & Orchestra
  13. When The Robert E. Lee Comes To Town – Harry Reser
Mark Pollack & Robert Armstrong
Scatman Crothers & Redd Foxx
Sam McGee
The Medallions
Scatman Crothers
Pink Anderson
King Solomon Hill (I think…)
Charlie Troutt’s Melody Artists
Cactus Pryor
Pink Anderson
Mark Pollack & Robert Armstrong
Harry Reser