OTRS #36 – Don Kent speaks on The Blues Part 5

John's Old Time Radio Show
Don Kent Speaks on The Blues Pt. 5
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ Don Kent & Eden Brower. Don compares different version of classic Blues & Minstrel music while Eden makes big fun on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show.

1. Papa’s About To Get Mad – Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley

2. Papa’s Gettin’ Mad – Jimmie Revard

3. Awful Moaning Blues – Clara Smith

4. Why Do You Moan – Bo Weavil Jackson

5. Gonna Tip Out Tonight – Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley

6. Ha-Ha Blues – Rosie Mae Moore & Charlie McCoy

7. Tippin’ Out – Beans Hambone & El Morrow

8. Early Morning Blues – Blind Blake

9. Staggerin’ Blues – Rosie Mae Moore

10. Come On Over To My House – Julia & George E. Lee’s Novelty Singing Orchestra

11. Rabbit Blues – Slim Jim

Don Kent & Eden Brower

Pink Anderson

Pink Anderson & his son

Clara Smith

Bo Weavil Jackson

Charlie McCoy

Blind Blake

Don Kent & Eden Brower

John Heneghan & Don Kent