OTRS 53 – Don Kent Part 10 “Lost Female Blues Singers”

John's Old Time Radio Show
Don Kent Pt. 10
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ former Yazoo Records Producer & Mamlish, Flying Crow and Country Fish Records Owner Don Kent. “Lost Female Blues Singers”. Special Guest Don Kent plays 78 rpm records from his legendary record collection featuring the top recordings of some of the greatest blues singers who ever recorded 78 records while the mildly pleasant Eden Brower adds witty commentary on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show.

1. Hard Oh Lawd – Ida Cox

2. One Time Woman Blues – Ida Cox

3. How Long, How Long? – Ida Cox & Papa Charlie Jackson

4. Tree Tall Papa – Ida Cox

5. Be My Kid – Elizabeth Johnson & Her Turpentine Tree-O

6. Sobbin’ Woman Blues – Elizabeth Johnson & Her Turpentine Tree-O

7. Dead Drunk Blues – Margaret Johnson

8. Dead Drunk Blues – Lillian Miller w/ George W. Thomas & Charlie Hill

9. My Baby’s Ways – Kitty Gray And Her Wampus Cats

10. The Cockeyed World – Minnie Wallace And Her Night Hawks

11. Field Mouse Stomp – Minnie Wallace

Ida Cox

Don Kent & Eden Brower