OTRS #33 – Don Kent Part 4 “Don speaks on The Blues”

John's Old Time Radio Show
Don Kent Part 4
John’s Old Time Radio Show #33 w/ Mamlish, Flyin’ Crow & Country Turtle Records Founder and long time Yazoo Records Producer/contributor Don Kent. Don explains “The Blues” to us and what a treat it is!!! – on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show.

1. Hang It On The Wall – Charlie Patton

2. The Girl I Love, She Got Long Curly Hair – Sleepy John Estes

3. Walking Blues – Robert Johnson

4. Parchman Farm – Bukka White

5. Low Down Blues – Whistler & His Jug Band

6. Dry Land Blues – Furry Lewis

7. Mistreatin’ Blues – Frank Stokes

8. Going Away Blues – Lottie Kimbrough

9. Lost Lover Blues – Lottie Kimbrough

10. When The Train Comes Along – Henry Thomas

Don Kent

Whistler & His Jug Band

Bukka White

Hammie Nixon, Yank Rachell & Sleepy John Estes

Furry Lewis

Don Kent & John Heneghan

Sleepy John Estes

Frank Stokes

Charlie Patton

Lottie Kimbrough

Furry Lewis