John's Old Time Radio Show
R. Crumb’s Record Room Pt. 29
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ Robert Crumb. “JUG BANDS & JUG BANDS THAT DON’T USE JUGS”. Special Guest Robert Crumb plays 78 rpm records from his legendary record collection from the South of France on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show. Featuring that nutty protagonist Eden Brower.

1. House Rent Rag – Clifford Hayes & His Dixieland Jug Blowers

2. The Wild Cat Squawl – Birmingham Jug Band

3. Walking Cane Stomp – Philip’s Louisville Jug Band (Kentucky Jug Band)

4. Lindberg Hop – Memphis Jug Band

5. Cocaine Habit – Memphis Jug Band featuring Hattie Hart

6. Gator Wobble – Memphis Jug Band

7. Elm Street Woman Blues – Dallas Jamboree Jug Band

8. Knox County Stomp – Tennessee Chocolate Drops

9. She Won’t Quit But She’ll Slow Down – Earl McDonald’s Louisville Jug Band

10. Foldin’ Bed – Whistler & His Jug Band

11. Springdale Blues – Cannon’s Jug Stompers

12. Beale Street Breakdown – Jed Davenport’s Beale Street Jug Band


Howard Armstrong & members of Tennessee Chocolate Drops

Gus Cannon

Will Shade

Will Shade

Cliffor Haye’s Dixielabd Jug Blowers

Cannon’s Jug Stompers

member’s of Earl McDonald’s Louisville Jug Band

Whistler’s Jug Band