John's Old Time Radio Show
John’s Old Time Radio Show. “GREAT AMERICAN SONGSTERS”. John Henegahn plays early 20th century 78 rpm records from his record collection on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show.

1. Bib-A-Lolie-Boo – Chubby Parker

2. Green Grass – Stovepipe Johnson

3. Jimbo Jambo Land – Shorty Godwin

4. Don’t Think I’m Santa Claus – Lil McClintock

5. I Am Surely Living A Ragtime Life – Ad Lindsay & Alvin Conder

6. G. Burns Is Gonna Rise Again – John Nelson Porkchop

7. Jerry, Go Ile That Car – Harry “Mac” McClintock

8. Fishing Blues – Henry Thomas

9. I Love Somebody – Land Norris

10. Traveling Coon – Luke Jordan

11. I Learned About Women From Her – Goebel Reeves

12. Dago Blues – Virgil Childers

13. You’ve Gotta Stop Drinking Shine – Gid Tanner

14. Mysterious Coon – Alec Johnson

15. Lonely As I Can Be – W. L. “Rustic” Waters

16. She Could Toodle-oo – Hambone Willie Newbern

17. The Panic Is On – Hezekiah Jenkins

18. Railroadin’ And Gamblin’ – Uncle Dave Macon

19. I’m Not Jealous – Richard “Rabbit” Brown

Henry Thomas

Harry McClintock

Goebel Reeves (left)

Gid Tanner

Luke Jordan

Dave Macon

Shorty Godwin