OTRS #20 – John Heneghan’s Record Room

John's Old Time Radio Show
John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show

John Heneghan’s Record Room – 78 rpm records from John’s collection.

1. Won’t You Come Over To My House – George E. Lee’s Novelty Singing Orchestra
2. Black Cat Blues – Old Pal Smoke Shop 4
3. Steampacket/ Flogging – Packie Dolan’s Melody Boys
4. Don’t Think I’m Santa Claus – Lil McClintock
5. Lindy – Proximity String Quartet
6. Na Mo Ku Eha – Hoot Gibson’s Hawaiian Foursome
7. Too Long – “Papa” Charlie McCoy
8. Alberta – Lawrence Walker
9. Zafe Co Ida – M. Stellio’s Orchestre Du Bal Antillais
10. Wouldn’t Mind Dying – Blind Mamie Forehand
11. Now Is The Needy Time – Sister Clara Hudmon ass by Deacon Leon Davis & Sisters 12. Sweetheart O’ Mine – Jelly Roll Morton
13. Hawaiian Twilight – Bennie Nawahi’s Hawaiian Guitars
14. Florestan – Medard Ferrero
15. Pat-A-Foot Blues – Hokum Boys

John’s Record Room

Charlie McCoy

Jelly Roll Morton


Packie Dolan

Bennie Nawahi


OTRS #19 – Don Kent – Early Country Blues Records Pt. 3

John's Old Time Radio Show
John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show

Don Kent – Early Country Blues Records from Don’s 78 rpm record collection Part Three.

1. The Spasm – Daddy Stovepipe & Mississippi Sarah
2. Lamp Post Blues – Buck House Buck
3. I Gotta Go Blues – Buck House Buck
4. 45 Blues – Funny Papa Smith
5. Whiskeyhead Blues – Funny Papa Smith
6. Wake, Shake Me, Don’t Let Me Sleep Too Long – Wright Brothers
7. Honey Dripping Papa – Kid Prince Moore
8. Kennedy Rag – Stripling Brothers
9. Stealin’ Blues – Cow Cow Davenport
10. New Cow Cow Blues – Cow Cow Davenport
11. Dry Gin Rag – Narmour & Smith
12. Tired As I Can Be – Lucille Bogan
13. One More Time – James “Boodle It” Wiggins

Don Kent

Don Kent

Yazoo Collector’s Get Together NJ summer 1997
(l. to r.) back: Chris Moreton, Pat Conte, Steve Calt, Bernie Klatzko, Don Kent, Sherwin Dunner, Howard Berg; front: Richard Nevins, Russ Shor, Ken Romanowski, Rob Fleder

Peetie Wheatstraw

Cow Cow Davenport

Funny Papa Smith

Stripling Brothers