OTRS 41 – Gerry Clarke Part 1 “Great Irish Records”

John's Old Time Radio Show
Gerry Clarke Part 1
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ 78 rpm reissue producer & musician Gerry Clarke. “Great Irish Records”.

1. Hawaiian Capers – King Benny Nawahi

2. South Carolina Rag (Take 2) – Willie Walker & Sam Brooks

3. Ruckus Juice Shuffle – Alabama Rascals (Big Bill Broonzy)

4. A Barn Dance Medley – Louis E. Quinn & His Shamrock Minstrels

5. Love, Will You Marry Me? – Frank Quinn

6. McCormick’s Hornpipe – Hughie Gillespie

7. The Maid Of Mt. Kisco/ Hand Me Down The Tacklings – Joe Maguire’s Pride Of Erne Orchestra

8. The Broken Pledge/ Miss Thornton’s Reel – Leo Rowsome

9. Paddy Ryan’s Dream – Michael Coleman

Gerry Clarke’s record room

Bill Broonzy

Leo Rowsome

Michael Coleman