OTRS #30 – Robert Crumb’s Record Room Part 12 “African Records”

John's Old Time Radio Show
R. Crumb’s Record Room Pt. 12
John’s Old Time Radio Show w/ R. Crumb “Sub-Saharan African Records” of the 1920’s & 30’s. Special Guest Robert Crumb plays 78 rpm records from his fabulous record collection from the South of France on John Heneghan’s Old Time Radio Show.

1. “Salaninonke” – The Shangaan Choir

2. “Darling Bride Samba” – Charley’s Jazz Rhythms

3. “War Song” – Tuareg Tribe

4. “Fanti Dance Song” – Oshea Talgen

5. “Dali Wami” – John Mavimbela & co.

6. “Ndakusho” – Lu Myalo & His Concertina

7. “In The Public Interest Of The Club” – Nigerian Jolly Boys Orch.

8. “Nahawandi” – Ali Othmani – Taksim Udi solo

9. “Seke Railway” – Thomson J. Neube

10. “Un Air Qui N’ai Pas Bien D’Cuez Nous” – unknown

11. “Ah! Te Te” – Les Chanteurs De Yoruba

12. “Everybody Likes Saturday Night” – Akanbi Wright & His Rhythm Band

13. DEMON TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. “Musique De Fete” – Orpheon De Youande (Cameroon)

Eden Brower

Eden Brower & R. Crumb

Ambrose Campbell from the Jolly Boys Orchestra

Brewster Hughes of the Jolly Boys Orchestra

Jolly Boys Orchestra HMV